Life in Abundance, Thika

Thika OLPC 1Life in Abundance in Thika works with street children in the town of Thika 15 miles Northeast of Nairobi.  Thika has the largest slum in Kenya outside of Nairobi. Using local churches, a computer center has been established to train teachers and students. The local Government school, the Garissa Road School is an underfunded school on the edge of the slum at the end of a government funding pipeline which has much of the funding siphoned off on the way to the great needs in Thika. Since its inception in February of 2014 the computer program has attracted 100 children from 6 to 10 years old to a church for computer instruction every Saturday morning. Starting with 6 XO computers last year, the program now has twenty computers. Since consistent school attendance is a problem, regular school attenders will be given additional computer time on Thursday afternoons. This provides incentive to attend school and reduces numbers on Saturday morning.