Karem School, Nairobi

"Excellence is Our Commitment" Irene Waweru, founder and headmistress


An independent school on the eastern edge of Nairobi, Karem currently educates almost 300 children, pre-kindgarten through grade 7--and is ranked as the best school in its district.  A new grade (up to 8th) is added every year.  The students come neighboring communities. With financial support from KCEF and the know-how and industriousness of school administrator (and headmistress Irene's husband) Kariuki Waweru, the school building has also greatly expanded, from the Wawerus' living room to two two-story buildings that include a kitchen and toilet facilities. Children learn how to use the One Laptop per Child computers, and children and teachers both participate in a yearly experiential education camping program outside of Nairobi.  The comparatively low teacher salaries Karem can afford put the school in competition with a nearby government school and a Catholic school able to pay more, creating the challenge of retaining good teachers. 57-72 karem class